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November 2015 So it's been a while since I have updated how Middleton horses and ponies have been doing but we have had a fantastic year with everything from Show cross final at Coubtryside Live to BE and BS to BD. Most recently the horses were at Aintree this week (17th-22nd Nov) and had some fab results including, all 3 horses qualifying for all of their finals. Pepsi Z jumped some lovely double clears to qualify her for her finals to finish 8th in a very fast 85. Starlux was on form and again qualified all his finals with double clears and placings to finish 6th in 1.05 and 11th in 95 finals. Vayrann was a star qualifying all his finals by been placed including 8th in 1.15 to finish 7th in the strong 1.15 final, he also picked up a 5th in a very competitive accumulator and 7th in pairs alongside Nicola Roe and Kisses. Also a big well done to Knickerbocker Glory and her new jockey, Atlanta Vailionis jumping a fab double clear in Winter 138 this weekend to secure a place in the 2nd rounds!! Our Sucess Stories

February 2015 Results

Horses Richmond

Waren Mill - 1st British Novice

Rick O Shay - 2nd British Novice, 3rd Panda Scope

Starlux - 2nd Panda Scope

Gin and Coke - 2nd Scope 1.05

Horses Holmside Hall

Nine Bells - 4th British Novice

Rick O Shay - 3rd British novice, 1st Discovery

Starlux - 2nd 1.05

January 2015

Rachael Proudley with Painted Lady was 2nd at the Olympia Horse Show in London in the 128 jumping class. First to go in the jump off set a very fast time and never touched a fence and was very narrowly beaten by Harry Wood who stared his BS jumping career ironically on Painted Lady. 

She continued her success at the Premier Show at South View where she won the Royal International Qualifier for Hickstead in real style.

There were only 3 ponies to make it in to the final round where several fences stood at 1.20+. She was once again drawn first to go and set the target in a very fast time and won the class.

October News

Teeside University

We would like to welcome our new riders from Teeside University who have started riding with us, we are looking forward to holding and participating in some inter university competitions. We shall keep you informed of their progress. 

What A Summer The Team Have Had

It's been a crazy and busy summer for everyone involved at Middleton. The ponies travelled to the Welsh Home Pony where Georgia and Rachael had some fantastic wins, including Rachael winning the Scope Debut class. Whilst we were there Sammy and Vayran were having a fab time on their first trip jumping in Ireland and jumping huge tracks! Ponies then headed off to Scotland for the Scottish Home Pony. We had another very successful show with Georgia representing Wales with Knickerbocker Glory and winning a silver medal!! 

Pony Club camp was a huge success again this year, kids ponies and staff had a fab time, if not a little exhausting...We are all already looking forward to next year. There has been talk of an adult camp so if you are intrested please let us know

We had a short rest before heading off to Scope Festival of Showjumping and what a week we had!! Rachael and the very amazing Painted Lady were on fine form all week!! They gave us a demonstration on what happens when you work hard, listen to instruction and have the desire to win!! They ca me home with numerous rugs rosettes and placing but the highlights were seeing them win the Graham Heath and Tiny Tots finals by the end of the week that had their very own fan club!!!  


 June 23rd 2014

Well what a weekend the Middleton team of horses and ponies had!! The ponies went to Arena Uk for the weekend where we had a fantastic weekend with a 1st in the 70cm with Woodfield Dinger and 3rd in the 80cm out of 80 starters. Double Clear BN on Nebro Gucci and Tongevelds Charlotte. Double clear and 7th in the Discovery out of 120 starters with Knickerbocker Glory.  Double clear in the probably the biggest Graham Heath we have seen with Moelgwen Meinwein and jumped the 138s for faults in the 138 open on one of the strongest tracks jockey and ponies have jumped.

The Sunday was equally as pleasing with a 4th with Woodfield Dinger in the 80 open and DC BN with Tongevelds Charlotte. 2nd in the Discovery out of 100+ starters for Knickerbocker Glory and DC for May. Knickerbocker Glory and Georgia jumped their very first HOYS track and crossed the finish line for 8 faults the jockey more devastated with herself for letting her nerves get the better of her, super proud of the duo!!! The horses and Sammy did us just as proud with a win in the BN and 4th with Bon Voyage W and First Lady IV, placed in the 1m with Bon Voyage for a ticket to Scope and 2nd in the 1m15 for the super Vayran for another Scope ticket!!! Shauna was off doing her first BE event for  4th place with Frogartie!!! I think the results speak for themselves a super team of horses, ponies, and riders all working hard and results paying off!!!!